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What We Do

The Brain Integration Institute, LLC (“BII”) is an organization that operates to establish standards of practice for Brain Integration Practitioners, disseminate information to the public, and create a reliable system for clients.

To accomplish these purposes, Brain Integration Institute:



Issues Certificates

BII certifies Brain Integration Practitioners who can demonstrate sufficient competency and skill with Brain Integration. Practitioners are generally expected to be trained and have experience in a variety of important areas and skills.


Establishes Standards

BII establishes standards, best practices, and ethics for Practitioners to follow.


Interacts With the Public

BII disseminates information and educates the public, takes complaints, and investigates complaints from the public about certified Practitioners.


Coordinates Ongoing Training

BII coordinates and maintains a system of ongoing training for Brain Integration Practitioners.


Maintains Certifications

BII requires that Practitioners maintain their certifications issued by BII. BII oversees the process of renewals and revocations of these certifications.


Models Best Practices

BII provides Practitioners with best practices to follow, including legally, ethically, and in their business practices.


Consists of a Strong Board

BII operates under the direction of a Board that consists of one or more individuals with significant experience in Brain Integration (from a variety of training backgrounds), other health backgrounds (helping to set appropriate boundaries for Brain Integration), education (helping to inform and teach), authorship (already recognized in the profession), law (an attorney assists in drawing up best practices and templates for Practitioners to follow), and other backgrounds as necessary to fulfill its purposes.


Works Nationally

BII is connected to Brain Integration groups and practitioners across the nation and will continue its work in helping each state formally recognize Brain Integration as well as modeling best practices to follow.

Certification Requirements

To become a certified Brain Integration specialist an individual needs to have:


  • A minimum of 500 hours of training by a certified school for Brain Integration
  • Demonstrate competency in brain integration assessment or 200 clinic hour
  • The 7 main areas of Brain Integration
  • The 4 main areas of communication and coaching
  • The 5 main areas of Chinese Element theory and practice
  • Show competency in knowledge about ADHD and other learning challenged conditions
  • Building a toolbox of knowledge and activities for client support
  • Ethics and scope of practice
  • Professionalism
  • Brain anatomy proficiency
  • Meridian proficiency
  • Powers of Stress Integration Balancing System
  • First aid and CPR
  • Show competency in business and marketing

BI Institute Certifications

This needs an explanation here:

Basic Training

Anatomy & Physiology

Brain Integration Awareness

Brain Integration Symptoms

Executive Functions

Techniques & Applications

Professional Training

Objectives & Assessments

Public Health & Safety


Good Business Practices

Competency Base

Effective Communication

Client Clinic Services

Competency-Based Testing

Community Liaison

Post Certification

Public Education, Professional Support & Community Outreach

Continuing Education & Professional Skills Development

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“My daughter was really behind. She seemed more like a 3 year old than a five year old before treatments with Julissa. She hardly talked and when she did communicate her sentences were disjointed and response time slow. Within a few treatments her communication had improved drastically, and she wasn’t so afraid anymore. I am so grateful for how patient Julissa was during the sessions with Maddy and how much she really cared about Madd’s progress. She was able to help my daughter in a way I never thought possible.”

Summer Blackhurst

“I first heard about brain integration from a friend who had used it for her dyslexic son with great results. I decided to try it out with my then six-year-old daughter who struggled with reading. We had about eight sessions with Julissa and a few weeks later, she started reading chapter books with no change in our education routine. She’s been an enthusiastic reader ever since… this therapy has been such a blessing for our whole family!” 

Holly Harker

“The biggest difference I saw in Liam was increased processing speed. He was able to express himself better and his language and confidence in it increased. He also had greater retention of information I appreciated working on affirmation phrases and him being able to have better recognition of his anxiety. I was also able to learn techniques in helping him best learn and communicate.. It was helpful to learn ways to prepare him for learning. I gained as much as he did through your program.”

Liam's Story