Terri Harris,

MA, BS, CRC (ret), SSW, BI Practitioner

Terri brings a wealth of Brain Integration and related experience to the Board of the Brain Integration Institute. Terri graduated from Sam Houston State University with a BS in Social Work. She then graduated from the University of Utah, with an MA in Rehabilitation Counseling.


More About Terri Harris

Terri is well versed in caring for youth and adults alike, with 20 years’ experience at the State of Utah in the areas of Child Protective Services, Adult Protective Services, and Foster Care. Terri has served as an Adoption Specialist and Supervisor and Regional Coordinator of Independent Living Services for emancipating foster care youth. 

Terri also has 5 years’ experience at the State of Utah Vocational Rehabilitation Agency as a Rehabilitation Counselor. Terri obtained her first trainings and certifications in Brain Integration starting in 2012, and since then has been certified or trained in the following: Crossinology Practitioner, with training in Brain Physiology I, II, Muscle reactivation, and Advance Brain Physiology; LEAP Brain Integration, with training in Simply the Brain, Glial Cells, LEAP Learning I, II, III, IV and V, Tibetan Figure 8’s and the Seven Chi Keys; Principles of Kinesiology, with training levels I and II achieved and additional training in Hugo Tobar’s Lockdown Series and Coronavirus; Emotion Code Training, and Kinergetics Reset Seminar

Terri is the owner of Integral Brain Health and currently works there as a practitioner.