Tami Davis,


Tami has worked with Brain Integration and associated techniques for seventeen years. Tami is a Certified Energy Kinesiologist – Level 3, as well as a Certified Instructor and Class Coordinator for the following institutions: American College of Neuroenergetic Kinesiology (now known as Empowerlife Kinesiology), Empowerlife Brain Integration, Empowerlife Kinesiology, and Empowerlife Body Integration.


More About Tami Davis

In addition to her brain integration qualifications, Tami is an experienced Graphic Designer and has been teaching and helping to create manuals and courses for 17 years. Her organizational and design skills have assisted in the development of several courses utilizing Empowerlife Brain Integration techniques.

For 17 years, Tami has applied her skills as an Empowerlife Kinesiology Facilitator and has been coaching children and adults using Empowerlife Kinesiology protocols, as well as Brain Integration techniques from NeuroEnergetic Kinesiology Institute, and LEAP.

Tami is a Licensed Massage Therapist, integrating the physical body through massage, breath, and Feldenkrais techniques.

Tami also has an extensive array of additional training, including Body Management (Body Management), Brain Gym Level 1 (BrainGym), Brain Hologram Intensive, Neurotransmitter Hologram (nK Institute), iLs Focus Systems Online Training Safe & Sound Protocol Training (Integrated Listening Systems), Birth and Post-Birth Reflex Integration, My Inner Child: Integration of Lifelong Reflexes into Movement Development (International Neurokinesiology Institute of Movement Development and Reflex Integration – Dr. Svetlana Masgutova (Poland)), KABS Series (Dynamic Energies), LEAP (Melbourne Applied Physiology), Massage Therapy Training (Sarah Williams Healthy Vibrations), Neural Organization Technique (Association of the Neural Organization Technique-North America), Neurolinguistic Training (The Fullness of Life Foundation), Primitive Reflexes and the Brainstem 1-2 (nK Institute), SIPS Kinesiology – Level 1, and Touch for Health 1-2 (International Kinesiology College).