Julissa Byington,

AS, Brain Integration Practitioner

Julissa is the owner and operator of Optimize Brain Integration. Julissa has been practicing and studying Brain Integration since 2015, and is an involved business owner and mother.


More About Julissa Byington

Julissa has studied and been trained in a wide variety of areas, including Melbourne Applied Physiology (Leap) – Leap Brain Integration training I,II,III, IV and V FT 3 glial cells; Empowerlife Kinesiology – MRT, Neurovascular pairs, Element Stabilizer system, Gui 1 and 2, Navigating the Qi, Elementos, Navigating the Immune System Series #1 immune system map, #2 Lymph System Pathways, #3 Going Deeper into the Lymph system, #4 Chronic Fatigue Identity and the Complement System, #5 Virus Interference, #6 & #7 Vaccination and Holograms, #8 Bacteria Recognition and Release, Approaching the Bridge, Immune Primer with Formats; NK institute – Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Alzheimer’s stress protocol, Vaccine Stress, Microbiome, Chronic Inflammation Resolution Pathways, Advanced Physiology, Advanced Pyrrole Pathways, Immune & Vaccination Pathways 1 and 2, Coronavirus, Neps 1, Leaky Gut, Pyrrole and Methylation, Burnout, Histamine Intolerance, EMF stress, Mammary – ERSa protocol, Mucous Membrane balancing, Acid Base balancing, Nutrition Hologram A&B, Balancing Borrelia, Lockdown Series; Svetlana Masgutova Education Institute for Neuro-Sensory-Motor and Reflex Integration LLC – MNRI Dynamic & Postural Reflex Pattern Integration; International Institute of Applied Kinesiology – 7 Chi Keys; Kinergetics  1-6, Reset 1; Learning Enhancement Center (Crossinology) – Pre BIT Training, Brain Integration Technique, Brain Physiology 1&2, Advanced Brain Integration Technique; and KABS – Autoimmune Pathways, Powers of stress.