What is a Certified
Brain Integration Practitioner?

Brain Integration Practitioners are the only professional practitioners educated and trained in multiple disciplines and tested in all levels to specifically serve individuals with energy imbalances. They use a unique and comprehensive process to help people set and achieve their personal, career, and development goals. A brain integration practitioner is the bridge between the individual and a self-sufficient, fully integrated life.

How do you distinguish yourself from other practitioners?

Earning your BIC certification gives you a definite edge in the field of brain integration. Not only does it showcase your specialization, it speaks volumes about your commitment, your passion, and your expertise. Three simple letters after your name can open doors you did not even know existed.

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Certification Requirements

To become a certified Brain Integration specialist an individual needs to have:

  • A minimum of 500 hours of training by a certified school for Brain Integration
  • Demonstrate competency in brain integration assessment or 200 clinic hours
  • The 7 main areas of Brain Integration
  • The 4 main areas of communication and coaching,
  • The 5 main areas of Chinese Element theory and practice.
  • Show competency in knowledge about ADHD and other learning challenged conditions.
  • They will need a toolbox of exercises or other tools to offer individuals to do on their own that support brain integration.
  • Ethics and scope of practice
  • Professionalism
  • Brain anatomy proficiency
  • Powers of Stress Integration Balancing System
  • First and and CPR

Educational Pathways for the Brain integration Facilitator

The purpose of brain integration is to facilitate and support the brain in its task of thinking, communicating, decision making, and taking action. To support the release of stress and the methods to create a stable state for productive brain function and a positive lifestyle.

Brain Integration, LLC will administer competency assessments for any of the Brain Integration Programs. It will also require some core courses to qualify to receive a certificate of completion for the Brain Integration Designation

The requirements for Certification include a Core program designed by Brain Integration.


Certification Requirements for the Brain Integration Specialist

  • A min of 500 hours of training by a certified school of Brain Integration
  • A min of 200 clinic/ practice hours 
  • Demonstrate competency in Brain Integration practical assessment. 
  • 80% passing rate on the Brain Integration exam
  • Show an understanding of various learning challenges
  • Ethics and Scope of practice certificate
  • Professionalism certificate
  • Powers of stress / Balancing options
  • First aid and CPR certification 
  • Coaching and communication skills
  • Knowledge of the 5 main areas of Chinese theory 
  • 7 main areas of Brain Integration

Since working with Ron, I have experienced first hand significant changes and improvement in my mental, physical and emotional health. The work he facilitates with brain integration and other interventions has greatly improved my wellbeing as well as other mental health working professionals’ lives as well. I have seen an increased ability to cope and manage my stress and anxiety, improvements in my mood and energy, a greater capacity for daily physical functioning, improvement in my chronic fatigue and physical pain, as well as increased mental clarity and daily functioning as a mental health professional.

Angela Cox

Certified Mental Health Specialist

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been working with NeuroFeedback both personally and professionally for many years. In my profession I have gathered considerable knowledge about the brain and methods for improving integration.  I have benefitted greatly in my personal life from my work with Mr. Wayman. I notice, after a session, an increase in mental clarity and ability to focus, including relieving brain fog. I recommend Mr. Wayman and his services to my clients frequently. There is a synergy when mental health therapy is combined with brain integration to help my clients balance more quickly and completely.

Collette Dawson-Loveless

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

The Certification program at BrainIntegration.Institute has given me more skills and helped me integrate the techniques I learned so that I am serving my clients with ease and clarity. It helped me bridge the worlds of neurology, communication, chinese element theory into amazing applications that helped my clients receive brain integration techniques professionally and effectively. Working with children and adults is much easier and profound. I am more adaptable, have greater professional results, and my certification has expanded my reach to a broader base of the public.

Julissa Byington

Brain Integration Specialist

Let’s Learn Together!

If you are interested in becoming a Brain Integration Specialist and would like information about the school closest to you that can guide and teach in the techniques that make a difference today in a child and adult’s life, OR if you have been trained in Brain Integration, but are lacking certification, and/or need to understand how to apply it in business and a clinic setting, contact us for more information on getting your certification process going and the additional information you need to bring success to your application of changing the lives of others with brain integration.